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Earlier this year I have hired David Grgurich of The Home Handyman Co located in Concord, Ohio, to install two security storm doors in my place. Mr Grgurich suggested the brand of the doors carried by Lowe's; he even referred me to a particular salesman at Lowe's. I paid for the doors but he picked them up, delivered and installed.

Afterwards I started having problems locking the doors; at times I tried and tried to lock them but was unsuccessful. Then once I let the front door slam while carrying out garbage, and the door slammed shut; I was unable to open it. Glad I had all the keys with me, so drove to a local library and finally had to call the Fire Department to let me in. They made their way through a window but were still unable to unlock the door even from the inside, so let me in through a back door. Later I had to call a locksmith to unlock that door.

I contacted Mr Grgurich who rather reluctantly agreed to come and fix the door. He made some adjustments but commented that he was doing so out of courtesy. It was only a couple of months following his installation! I checked the invoice that he e-mailed me in PDF format, and low and behold, he conveniently omitted saying anything about warranty. Lesson learned: never assume that a warranty is standard, always inquire.

A few months afterwards, I discovered a large gap at the bottom of that door. Through that gap, the leaves, the snow and whatnot flows in and can potentially end up in the living room. The gap was created due to absence of a brass plate that was missing on the front door (but present on the rear door). Both doors are identical, except for the width; if that plate was present on one of them, it should have been on the other one as well. In other words, this plate or a kickplate or a sweep, whatever you call it, was in the box with the door initially, I bet, but then mysteriously disappeared. I don't know what he did with it, but now I have no other choice but to order it separately and have it installed. That after I have already paid over $1,000 for the both doors, parts and labor.

All Mr Grgurich has to say is that I was the one who purchased the door. However all I did was pay for it, but he was the one who picked it up, delivered and installed. For godsakes, I do not install doors for a living. But if I did, I would double check and make sure that all contents of the box were installed correctly. And I would offer a warranty period in writing.

Bottom line: I do not recommend Mr Grgurich who is the owner operator of The Home Handyman company, located in Concord Ohio. BEWARE.

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